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What is prepaid service?

Prepaid service let you pay in advance for monthly talk, text and data services for your mobile device. There is no credit check, deposit or contract. You can choose from several monthly plan options that include different high-speed data allowances for a set price. As your service expiration date approaches, you can make a payment to your account to keep your service active.


What are prepaid monthly plans?

Monthly plans are prepaid plans that are available for both smartphones and basic phones. They give you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy all the features of your phone with no annual contract or hidden fees. With a monthly plan, you have unlimited talk and text and a set allowance of high-speed data. (Unlimited data plans available) Once you have used all of your high-speed data, your internet speed will slow down for the remaining days left in your bill cycle. You will still be able to get online for no additional charge.

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What is a prepaid family account?

A prepaid family account lets you have up to five prepaid lines on one account making it easier to manage multiple prepaid lines. Plus, you get a discount for having a family plan. Each line on the account has its own plan and data allowance, so there is no need to worry about sharing. The account also has one account owner who can manage all the lines. The account owner pays for all the lines at the same time, on one renewal date. No more juggling multiple balances or due dates.

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